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Story-led content for purpose-driven organisations, delivering more engagement

Gathered with compassion
Co-created with inclusivity
Produced with accessibility

Story Stuudio

Why stories matter

Stories are the beating heart of purpose-driven organisations. When diverse stories are captured and told with authenticity and accessibility, they reach a wider audience, connect on an emotional level, stand out in a crowded market and drive social change.

Ruth Edmondson - Story Stuudio - The story superpower

The story

My journey began behind the video camera lens over 20 years ago. Whilst my peers focussed on filming equipment and formats, I realised that the secret to effective content was making my contributors feel seen, heard and safe. Only then would they tell their stories with vulnerability and authenticity. As a result, audience engagement increased.

As a story producer, I have a natural ability to put people at ease and a genuine interest to learn more, but creating effective content takes more than that. It’s an approach that runs through the entire journey…

The Story Stuudio approach


A trauma-informed approach lies at the heart of my work. It’s an intentional process of careful research and rapport building. Informed consent and safeguarding are of utmost importance, especially with vulnerable contributors.

By creating a safe space and listening to understand, I uncover those raw, authentic moments that resonate with the human experience.


Inclusivity isn’t just a buzzword, it’s a mindset.


I co-create content with the people it serves. From inception to delivery, I consult with contributors, audiences, team members and stakeholders to ensure their voices shape the narrative. It helps audiences feel represented and as a result, more deeply connected to your cause.


Disability is created when content is designed for one set of people and ignores others, so accessible stories increase reach and enhance the experience for everyone. That could mean subtitling for the hearing-impaired, translations for local communities, sign language versions, video transcriptions for screen readers, audio descriptions or thoughtful font choices. When everyone can engage, the impact multiplies.

Conscious content creation

After story, let’s talk about what type of content will work best for the audience you want to reach. It might be just one or a combination - myself and my team are a one-stop-shop for content creation. I also deliver fun smartphone video-making workshops for you and your team.

Client experience and content impact

Click the dropdowns to read what my clients say about working with me.

  • A great instinct for storytelling...
    Ruth is a very accomplished filmmaker who has a great instinct for storytelling. She is quickly able to build trust and connection both with her colleagues and contributors. She works collaboratively and creatively to ensure that the content answers the client’s needs, while ensuring a really high-quality and engaging piece of film is produced. She has strong experience of working on sensitive topics in a trauma-informed way, and is able to create a natural rapport which puts people at ease. The films she made on breastfeeding have had half a million views in the last year, and she has helped us to create foreign language versions of public health films, enabling us to reach more communities with important health guidance. She has excellent project management skills. She is skilled at partnership working and is highly effective in her time management, including on complex projects. Ruth has created fantastic training resources and offers useful learning support for both colleagues and interviewees to enable them to undertake their own filming in settings when she hasn’t been able to attend in person. Nicola Cadbury, Head of Content, Best Beginnings
  • So friendly, helping to put our clients, volunteers, and staff at ease...
    Ruth created several promotional videos of our work to showcase to our supporters and funders ...They captured the essence of our service and the client experience perfectly. The films have been a key asset in grant applications for funding and helped us to secure a major grant which supported us through the pandemic. Nothing showcases our service better than hearing from our clients themselves and Ruth was so friendly, helping to put our clients, volunteers, and staff at ease to ensure we got the best out of them for their interviews. Joanne Penn-Crossland, Manager, Smart Works Birmingham
  • The videos she made have been viewed thousands of times...
    Ruth is a pleasure to work with. We have used Ruth for many video projects and have been thoroughly impressed with the quality of her work, her thorough respect for the key messages we require and her understanding of our tight NHS budgets. She has offered loads of advice for how we can make most efficient use of her time. The videos she made about the maternity unit were easy to follow and have been viewed thousands of times. This has had a clear impact on what service users expect when using the services. Amy Maclean, former Head of Patient Experience, Birmingham Women's and Children’s NHS Trust
  • Her hard work resulted in a series of beautiful videos that are a pleasure to watch...
    We have commissioned Ruth and her team over several years to document various projects. Her hard work resulted in a series of beautiful videos that are a pleasure to watch as the narrative always flows with real energy. What we appreciated most about working with Ruth was her ability to interview people of different ages and backgrounds. She always makes her interviewees feel comfortable and take their guard down and knows how to inject humour. She was flexible and imaginative in transforming our ideas into films that were exciting and completely on-message. Pearl Chesterman, Director for Learning, Birmingham Royal Ballet
  • Ruth works sensitively and flexibly. She is caring and empathetic...
    Ruth has carried out numerous projects for us and most have involved filming patients and families going through difficult or traumatic experiences. Her professional approach has always given us confidence that she will work sensitively and flexibly. She is caring and empathetic. I would have no hesitation in recommending her for filming similar situations to ours. Prof. Helen Young, Trustee of Across, and Chief NHS Nurse
  • Ruth is always very professional and also a pleasure to work with...
    We commissioned Ruth to make a DVD for Dance to Health - a programme to help older people maintain their strength and balance and so reduce falls. Ruth quickly translated the brief into a vision for the DVD, working collaboratively with ourselves and our dance artists. She was proactive, organised and thorough in her approach at all times. She also developed a good relationship with our participants, producing some great interviews with them. She captured the ethos of Dance to Health in her films and she gave us some great advice along the way. Ruth is always very professional and also a pleasure to work with. Sharon Sanderson, Programme Manager, Aesop
  • Ruth captured the ethos of our organisation perfectly...
    Ruth worked with groups of children and young people and produced a professional set of films for us and was so friendly and supportive. Ruth embodied the values we hold at KIDS and managed to capture the ethos of our organisation perfectly. Caroline Stevens, CEO, Kids
Ruth Edmondson Story Stuudio
Ruth Edmondson - Story Shuut

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